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CordCutters.US: Your Guide Towards Television Independence

With over 35 years of experience in constructing, operating, owning & selling small cable systems as well as working with Big Cable, I knew there had to be a better way! If there's one thing I've been excited about over the past few years, it's cordcutting. All the myriad ways you can watch more and spend less. More & more folks are getting rid of Cable & Satellite with streaming. We're here to form a community, publish my subject matter, engage with my members while guiding you towards Television Independence.

Why Pay for 100's of Channels You Never Watch?

Ask yourself: How many channels do you watch on a regular basis? Myself, 2 or 3. How often do you watch local or network channels? I, mostly sports when televised locally. Have you ever looked closely at your confusing cable or satellite bill? My Xfinity charged $39 a month just to access local channels/sports/franchise fees (going up again 2023)  for something I get for free over the air and in HD 56 channels. Add box fees and I was up to $65 a month out of the gate before any programming charges!  The TV industry has begun to accept the steady decline of cable, Cord-Cutting Spiked 60% in 2022 while the Five Biggest Operators in the U.S. companies alone lost nearly 4 million customers last year of which Comcast Xfinity lost 2.034 million customers. 

Declare Your Television Independence!

If you’re new to the world of cordcutting, it can seem daunting and complicated, especially with so many services and devices competing for your attention we’re here to help you join the millions who have already cut the cord so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment for less.

To help you cross that finish line – and say goodbye to cable or satellite in the process – let us show you the simple step-by-step way to becoming a cord cutter. My way starts with your own personal media (CDs, DVDs & Digital pictures & home videos) streaming from your own HTPC media server anywhere on multiple TVs and devices using the best Media App to be found: PLEX.  Add to this your favorite TV and Streaming channels you are your own cable company...   Stay Tuned!

Our Services

Our Guide for You

How to start your journey towards television independance.

Step 1

Book a FREE 30-minute 1-1 consultation where we will assess your needs/wants and access your current cable & internet subscriptions.

Step 2

Choose the best Home Media Server option and/or membership to help you move forward with your television independence.

Step 3

You are all set! Welcome to your Television Independence!

Ready for your
Television Independence? 

Schedule your free 30-minute free consultation call with one of our solutions experts and see not only how we can create your Home Media Server but also how much we can save you on TV & Internet.

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