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Your Guide to Cord Cutting


My name is Steve Sayer and I would like to invite you to join me in becoming a Charter Member in CordCutters.US.  My approach enables a consumer with their own Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) and an internet connection to immediately cancel cable or satellite subscriptions as well as any streaming services you hardly watch potentially saving hundreds of $$ per month.  My methods include sharing media and even subscriptions that go anywhere home, car, travel etc... To most, this will be no different than what you are used to in watching TV from a cable/satellite box or your Smart TV. However, there will be some who will want to get more involved and I am eager to teach what I know part of the benefits of a Premium Membership in CordCutters.US.

To help you visualize what being a CordCutters.US member with your own custom built Media Server looks like as compared to your current cable or satellite box  I have put together this short video from my Fire TV device.  Note please do choose Full Screen in bottom right corner of video screen for better viewing:


I provide a custom built fully-loaded and functioning Home Theater Personal Computer Media Server (HTPC) including all recommended software and applications, instruction and support all together with a full year’s Premium Membership in CordCutters.US.  Your PC can be a spare, used or new… desktop, laptop or mini that runs quietly in the background.  Want to know more? Email contact us and just type “Around Woodstock” in the message box. Or, schedule your free 30-minute phone consultation for a Q&A session to help introduce you to television independence. 

Below you will find reviews on Plex, Channels DVR and Streaming Devices in 2022. Just highlight the category and enter / select:

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